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Mastering the art of Leather Goods

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Winter boots are often very long to put on and lace-up. Are you on the run and forgot something inside the house? No time to take off your boots and put them back on because you're already late? We got you covered...Literally! Go from the outside to the inside without having to take off your dirty shoes and snowy boots! These OverBoots cover will help protect your indoor surfaces from water, snow and dirt.

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FLE CH R is pronounced Fletcher...by Kimberly Fletcher. Nice to meet you!

Overproduction in fashion is one of the worlds biggest enviromental threats. Our workshop refuse to make that problem worse and believe in making only what is needed. Unlike many fast fashion brands, we create our inhouse collections in small batches, with the aim of selling out. This practice reduces waste and ensures our pieces are made thoughtfully, with appropriate time and care.


Sustainable leather goods, made by hand from locally sources materials in Tiohtià:ke, Montréal-Canada.

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