Leather Care & Tips

At FLE CH R, we take great pride of selecting every skins carefully. We really enjoy working with different styles, Suede, Smooth & the Pebble leather, for their different aspect and particularity.  We love our locally sources Pebble leather for its soft-rich-grained-texture and our Smooth leather for its classic and refined look.

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Patina & Aging Process

Theres is no denied, scratching can happen.  But happily, in the Flechr Family , we do not view these « little accidents » as defects. Au contraire!…we find that it adds a certain "Personnel Signature" to our Designer’s creation and makes it even more unique!

We believe that natural aging of leather, is and will always be, the best and easiest way to protect your Flechr products. This is why we often recommend to let your bag age naturally, for it to develop a beautiful Patina.

Suede leather: For the maintenance of suede, we recommend the use of a small brush (eg toothbrush) to help dislodge dust and enhance hair from leather. Simply brush the suede, in all directions with the brush without any cleaning products needed.

Pebble and smooth leather: If you wish to keep the skin hydrated, you can occasionally (once every 3-4 years), treat the leather using a water base leather conditioner. Send us an email, or simply bring your bags directly to Kimberly when she’s on the road attending art shows and fashion events. She always carry a little bottle of leather care wax in her Backpack! 

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For any type of leather and colors, we do recommend avoiding long period of direct sun/rain exposure, abrasive surfaces and dark denim, as the leather could be subject to color transfer or stains.

In case of emergency, the best option is to take your bag to a local trusted leather goods repair shop in your area.