Our mission

We believe that a great bag should last longer than one season. That it should be passed on from one generation to the next. This is why we strive to make beautiful, high quality bags with noble materials and remarkable finishing touches.

About Kimberly

With a background in fashion design and leather-working, Kimberly Fletcher has been in the fashion industry for over 10 years. Getting her start designing and producing for other designers, she is now ready to concentrate on her own line. Today the brand is continuously gaining momentum, and is featured in a variety of select boutiques.

Our Products

We design and hand-make all of our wears in-house and take great pride in our attention to detail and high quality standards. We want to feel great about what we wear and share with the world. This is also why we look for great quality materials and ethical practices from all of our suppliers. We look to establish a relationship with our partners and we do so by learning about their stories. They are most often family business that share our values and love of their craft. It is important for us know where our leather comes from and the process it underwent; from breeding, to tanning and fabrication.


We are a small team of passionate people working in the trendy Plateau area of Montreal, just north of downtown. The neighborhood’s eclectic mix of cafes, shops and local dives serve as a constant source of inspiration for our collections.