The origins of the brand

The explanation, meaning and history behind the brands unique name

The luxury leather goods brand FLECHR is named after myself as founder, Kimberly Fletcher.  It is pronounced as my last name, FLETCHER = FLECHR.

Our name is an identity bearer in itself.  The FLECHR signature translates to quality and tradition, where craftsmanship meets art. High quality standards and great attention to detail are at the heart of my work.

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The logo

The logo FLE_CH_R represents my last name, but with the absence of two letters, creating a "fill in the blanks" type of visual.  The logo is also meant to symbolize the empty spaces that occupy our handbags and shoes in our daily lives, as to say that our leather products have the power to fill in the blanks by accessorizing.

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My Goal

With a Montreal and London background in fashion design, shoemaking and leather working, I have been in the industry for over 15 years.  My goal is to aim for sustainability in all aspects of my work by locally sourcing the materials, engaging in ethical practices and most of all, producing amazing products to encourage a slow fashion mentality.

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Beyond everything, the workshop is where I get to do what I love most. My passion and expertise is transmitted into each of my creation


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