Milkweed - Asclepias Syriaca - Asclepiade

Milkweed, known as Asclepias Syriaca, keeps you warm more effectively than any other insulation. A revolutionary “weed”! Discover this brand new eco-friendly and Quebec insulator made from milkweed!

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Why the milkweed?  Because it is a true gem of North America and grows exclusively here! This renewable raw  material is also an excellent alternative to down and synthetic materials. Designed by nature, it  is eco-responsible and biodegradable, which eliminates any risk of contamination of our oceans.
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Asclepias fiber keeps you warm more effectively than any other insulation. Its fibers act like  thousands of air tubes that store hot air when needed, creating one of the most effective thermal  barriers in our ecosystem. This brand new insulating material is composed exclusively of tubular  plant insulating fibers. It offers incomparable insulating performance and unparalleled  breathability, in addition to being very light and hydrophobic.

Each of its fibers act like thousands of air tubes that store hot air as needed, creating one of the  most effective thermal barriers in our ecosystem. These air tubes are naturally coated with wax,  giving them fundamental properties. The fiber repels water and the insulation retains its

insulating performance even when wet. And because it repels water, it also repels moisture. A  spectacular new fiber that will keep you warm and dry all winter long!

Increased insulating capacity thanks to Thermal Microtubular Technology Tested during an expedition to Everest in 2016, milkweed has been cold-proofed in extreme  conditions. Our prototype “Nordic Skirt” was tested over a two-year period in Quebec winter  weather conditions. A success!





The plant

This flowering plant is essential in the life cycle of the monarch, since it is the only food source  for the caterpillars. Seeing it invade wasteland, you might think you were in the presence of an  introduced plant, yet the Common Milkweed is native. Rather, it is the work of man that promotes  its development in these places, although it is also present in the forest. It is an undemanding  plant, which grows very well in poor soil, where it has little competition. It is found everywhere  in our fields. It grows in such quantities that farmers have long considered it a weed. Milkweed silk is plucked from the silky tassel of the seed. This is why it is nicknamed "The silk of  Quebec!" ”. It produces a strong, hydrophobic and light fiber, now transformed into an excellent  insulator.

Our milkweed supplier works closely with and buys direct from Canadian farmers! Our  purchasing scope therefore extends to less than 200 kilometers from our workshop and we are  very proud of it! The use of this plant-based insulation, manufactured locally, allows us to set a  new standard in terms of respect for the environment.

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